Đề số 5 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Đề bài


Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

Question 1.

A. enquire                        B. enroll

C. donate                         D. donor

Question 2.

A. protective                   B. contribute

C. motivate                     D. priority

Question 3.

A. schedule                     B. struggle

C. deadline                      D. impaired

Choose the word which is pronounced different from that of the others.

Question 4.

A. engage                        B. achievement

C. confidence                   D. permission

Question 5.

A. potential                     B. home

C. oppose                       D. contribution

Question 6.

A. initiative                     B. confidence

C. enthusiastic                D. tension


Choose the answer to complete each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part.

Question 7. The ability to be independent comes _____to a person when he grows up.

A. nature                   B. natural

C. naturally                D. unnatural

Question 8. There are some specific strategies that are useful in teaching a group which includes students with physical                     .

A. lacks                      B. shortages

C. impairments           D. deaths

Question 9. Vietnam always desires to work with its partners on the basis of the                     of respect for independence, equality and mutual benefit.

A. principle                   B. maintenance

C. community               D. stability

Question 10. International programmes should aim to enhance cooperation for peace,                     and development.

A. relation                     B. stability

C. maintenance             D. solution

Question 11. The two decades of Vietnam's participation in the bloc have seen the country's maturity in       .

A. mixture                     B. combination

C. integration                D. separation

Question 12. They were finally                     with each other, after not speaking for nearly five years.

A. reconciled                 B. persuaded

C. interested                  D. fond

Question 13. In the past years, high                     growth has enabled Viet Nam to increase people's living standards.

A. pricipal                      B. stable

C. peaceful                    D. economic

Question 14. I do not mind at all. You _______ apologize.

A. shouldn't                   B. needn't

C. mustn't                      D. oughtn't to

Question 15. It is Phong’s  sense of responsibility                     makes him successful in his life.

A. who                           B. what 

C. which                         D. that

Question 16. Look! It says “Staff only”. You ________park here.

A. mustn't                      B. don't have to

C. don't need to              D. needn't

Question 17. Would you mind giving me a hand _____ cooking?

A. to                               B. with

C. for                              D. on

Question 18. While her husband was in the army, Janet________ to him twice a week.

A. was writing                  B. wrote 

C. was written                  D. had written

Question 19. I painted my room pink but it looks so bright and shiny! I _________a different color.

A. had to choose 

B. should have chosen           

C. must have chosen 

D. could have been choosing

Question 20. I didn’t think it was you. Your voice sounded ____________on the phone.

A. stranger                   B. strangely

C. stranging                  D. strange

Error Identification.

Question 21. We all (A) know that (B) we have to work hardly (C) to support (D) the family.     

Question 22. It’s (A) high (B) time we (C) should study (D) for the examination. 

Question 23. If you make (A) a five-days (B) trip across the Atlantic Ocean, your ship enters (C) a different time zone (D) everyday.


Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Approximately one in two thousand people in Viet Nam has a significant hearing loss. Students who have been deafened in early childhood can be very different to students who have lost hearing later in life in terms of educational disadvantage. For example, their range of vocabulary may be limited, which in turn may affect their level of English literacy.

Deaf and hard of hearing students can sometimes prefer visual learning strategies. This can be a challenge in an environment where much essential information is delivered exclusively by word of mouth.

Students with a hearing loss may need to use assistive technology to participate in class. This assistive technology can be the laptop where software such as Skype can be used to deliver interpreters or captioning. For some it will be in the form of listening devices. For others, it will be a combination of technology that includes both listening devices and computer based software.

The impact of hearing loss can cause delays in receiving learning material. Students who need information transcribed from tape must sometimes wait for a significant period of time for this to happen. This needs to be considered in terms of developing suitable timelines for the completion of work for each student.

Students with hearing loss may appear isolated in the learning environment. The possibility for social contact and interaction with other students is often limited, and this isolation or separateness may have an impact on learning. Participation and interaction in tutorials may be limited. Students who cannot hear the flow and nuances of rapid verbal exchange will be at a disadvantage.

Question 24. Students who have been deafened in early childhood can be very different to students have lost hearing later in life because                   .

A. they have less disadvantage in English literacy

B. they have a more significant hearing loss

C. their vocabulary is good enough to affect their level of English literacy

D. they suffer from more difficulty in expressing their ideas

Question 25. Assistive technology can help students with a hearing loss                    .

A. use software such as Skype to talk to interpreters

B. better integrate into the study environment

C. use listening devices and gain their hearing ability

D. deliver the captioning in order for them to understand

Question 26. All of the following are true according to the text EXCEPT that                    .

A. students with hearing impairments prefer visual learning

B. assistive techpology is useful to disabled students to follow education

C. deaf students can't complete their tasks in class

D. hearing ability may affect the level of language skills

Question 27. Learning environment can have negative impact on deaf students when                   .

A. they get no help from their friends or little communication

B. they develop suitable timelines for the completion of works

C. they cannot hear the nuisance of rapid verbal exchange

D. interactions in tutorials may be limited in social contact

Question 28. The word “timeline" in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to                   .

A. a line that shows the time in a day

B. a plan which how long things will take

C. a point of time when thing completed

D. a device which records the time


Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.

Question 29. I got some ................. advice from my teacher. It was really helpful. (use)

Question 30. The …………rate has doubled in the past five years, placing a heavy burden on the national budget. (employ)

Question 31. He was very ............. about this film because the main character motivated him to be more confident. (excite)

Question 32. People who volunteer in their community have a personal ............. to the area. (attach)

Rewrite the following sentences using the words given

Question 33. It is not necessary for you to do it now.

⟹ You .........................

Question 34. It was wrong of you to criticize him in front of many people. (should)

⟹ You ……………………………

Question 35. They are going to spend their holiday in China. (cleft sentence)

⟹ It ………………………………


Listen to a Love Note to His Girlfriend. And choose Yes or No for each of the following questions.

Question 36. Have they talked on the phone?

Question 37. Have they talked in his house?

Question 38. Does he want to break up with her?

Question 39. Does he want to be with her for a year or so?

Question 40. Do she and he have problems?

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 D Question 15 D
Question 2 C Question 16 A
Question 3 D Question 17 B
Question 4 A Question 18 B
Question 5 D Question 19 B
Question 6 D Question 20 D
Question 7 C Question 21 C
Question 8 C Question 22 D
Question 9 A Question 23 B
Question 10 B Question 24 D
Question 11 C Question 25 B
Question 12 A Question 26 C
Question 13 D Question 27 D
Question 14 B Question 28 B

Question 29: useful

Question 30: unemployment

Question 31: excited

Question 32: attachment

Question 33. You don’t need to do it now.

Question 34. You shouldn’t have criticized him in front of many people.

Question 35. It is in China that they are going to spend their holiday.

Question 36: yes

Question 37: yes

Question 38: no

Question 39: no

Question 40: yes

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