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Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

Question 1.

A. community                 B. confident

C. financial                     D. reconcile

Question 2.

A. childcare                     B. blind

C. integrate                      D. decisive

Question 3.

A. worker                        B. whom

C. interview                     D. answer

Choose the word which is different from the other in the position of primary stress.

Question 4.

A. access                    B. burden

C. campaign                D. conflict

Question 5.

A. economic                    B. integration

C. development               D. transportation

Question 6.

A. domestic                     B. estimate

C. statistics                      D. relation


Choose the best answer to each of the following questions.

Question 7. The ASEAN School Games focus on promoting ASEAN __________ in the youth through school sports.

A. solidity                   B. support

C. solidarity                D. agreement

Question 8. We _____ open the lion's cage. It is contrary to Zoo regulations. 

A. must                       B. mustn't

C. needn't                   D. should

Question 9. She strives _____________ a balance between studies and relationships.

A. on                           B. at

C. for                          D. in

Question 10. Yoga and meditation help to improve the ability to cope _        _ stress and anxiety.

A. about                     B. with

C. for                          D. on

Question 11. This special school helps students with                  impairment to learn Braille.

A. visual                     B. physical

C. cognitive                D. speech

Question 12. My car keys are possibly in the kitchen.

A. My car keys should be put in the kitchen.  

B. My car keys cannot be put in the kitchen.

C. I do not know whether my car keys are in the kitchen.

D. My car keys might be in the kitchen.

Question 13. When Laura suffered a break-up in her relationship, she saw a/an _____ for advice.

A. assistant                  B. counsellor

C. agency                    D. service

Question 14. This perfume _____ amazing. I’ll buy it for my mum’s birthday.

A. feels                        B. sounds

C. looks                       D. smells

Question 15. ____ I first met my girlfriend.

A.  It was in London that

B.  It was in London where   

C.  It was London that 

D.  It was London which

Question 16. Jame and his father were _____ after an argument.

A. sympathetic            B. enthusiastic

C. reconciled               D. willing

Question 17. My brother only rings home                   . I wish he would ring our parents more often.

A. in the mood

B. at all thumbs          

C. few and far between 

D. once in a blue moon

Question 18. Two tablets _____ twice a day to have you recover from the illness quickly.

A. must take                B. must be taken

C. must have taken     D. must be taking

Question 19. “That’s a very nice dress you’re wearing.”

- “___________”

A. I’m glad you like it. 

B. That’s all right.      

C. That’s nice. 

D. You’re quite right.

Question 20. Alice: “What shall we do this weekend ?”  

- Carol: “________________________”

A. Went out for dinner. 

B. Oh, that’s good.    

C. Let’s go out for dinner. 

D. No problem.


Complete the following sentences with the correct forms of words given.

Question 21. Did you take part in the  eloquence …………........…..held in our school last week? (COMPETE)

Question 22. I didn’t ask them to help me. They did everything ………........….. . (VOLUNTEER )

Question 23. She felt ………….........when everyone kept looking at her. (EMBARRASS)

Question 24. She had the …………...........to explain things clearly. (ABLE )

Question 25. To our great ………......……, it rained every day of the trip. (DISAPPOINT )

Rewrite these sentences.

Question 26. It started to pour with rain moments after we had started our walk.

⟹ Hardly………………………

Question 27. The countryside is most beautiful in autumn. (Cleft Sentence)

⟹ ……………………………………

Question 28. Vietnamese people celebrate Tet as the greatest occasion in a year. (passive cleft sentence)

⟹ ……………………………………

Question 29. It is better for parents to take time to understand their children.

⟹ Parents  …………………………

Question 30. The last time she visited me was five months ago.      

⟹ She hasn’t ………………………………


Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

Traditions, saying, beliefs, language, and values are just a few things that make up our culture. Culture is the framework in which families are structured. It shapes our expectations and ideals. Culture plays a part in the meaning of marriage and our roles as husbands, wives, children and parents.

Understanding cultural differences and similarities related to marriage is important. Culture affects the roles that spouses take within marriages, the age at marriage and number of children a couple have, the meaning of divorce, cohabitation and non-marital childbearing, and the way parents raise children. Understanding how relationships and marriages vary across cultural contexts, and how they are similar, we will be able to identify the unique ways that marriages and family life affect people of various cultures. As a result, we will be able to help families and sustain happy marriages.

A cross cultural marriage or similar love relationship can be extremely exciting. The cultural background, visits to the other country, the language of the country and learning to speak it, the different habits and ways of doing and saying things that people from other cultures have, are. all very exciting indeed. What of the disadvantages of a cross cultural marriage or love relationship with someone from another country or cultural background? No matter how much you love your husband or wife, no matter how high your level of cross cultural awareness, cross cultural communication and respect for differences. Misunderstanding seems to be unavoidable.

Question 31. The passage is about _________.

A. the effects of cultures on love and marriage

B. the definition of culture

C. the role of spouses in the family

D. cultural differences

Question 32. The word It refers to _________.

A. culture                    B. family

C. framework              D. structure

Question 33. According to the writer, cross-cultural marriage _________.

A. does not have advantages

B. does not have disadvantages

C. have both advantages and disadvantages

D. does not exist through time

Question 34. According to the passage, which of the following is not affected by culture?

A. The age to get married

B. Child-raising

C. How much spouses love each other

D. The roles of spouses

Question 35. In cross-cultural marriage, _______ may happen.

A. divorce

B. quarrel

C. misunderstanding

D. separation

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to fill in the blanks.

In the United States, volunteering is (36)______as a good way to give children a sense of community responsibility and to bring the family together. Volunteerism is (37)______across the United States today because people are trying to put more emphasis on family togetherness, and they are looking (38)______ways to help young people have a feeling of hope and satisfaction. It is (39)______that volunteering helps children discover their talents, develop their skills, and learn about (40)______and problem solving.

Question 36.

A. respected                  B. viewed

C. inspected                  D. showed

Question 37.

A. growing                    B. traveling

C. extending                 D. forming

Question 38.

A. on                           B. of

C. for                          D. at

Question 39.

A. regarded                 B. believed

C. concerned               D. accepted

Question 40.

A. operation                      B. corporation

C. correspondence            D. cooperation


Listen a talk about “ Being Single” and fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Being single has its (41)             . I think it’s (42)             single when you’re young. You need to live and (43)             . You also need the freedom to do (44)             , when you want. Being single in your twenties gives you (45)             time to go travelling, see the world and experience (46)             . Most people like being single in their twenties and then want to (47)             in their thirties. I think being single later in life can be sad. All of your friends are (48)             and people tend to go out and party less. I think being single when you’re old would be (49)             . The longer you stay single, the harder it becomes to settle down. In some countries, people think you’re strange if you’re single (50)             in life.

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. C Question 11. A
Question 2. C Question 12. D
Question 3. A Question 13. B
Question 4. C Question 14. D
Question 5. C Question 15. A
Question 6. B Question 16. C
Question 7. C Question 17. D
Question 8. B Question 18. B
Question 9. C Question 19. A
Question 10. B Question 20. C

Question 21. competition

Question 22. voluntarily

Question 23. embarrassed

Question 24. ability

Question 25. disappointment

Question 26. Hardly had we started our walk when it started to pour with rain.

Question 27. It is in autumn that the countryside is most beautiful.

Question 28 It is Tet that is celebrated as the greatest occasion in a year by Vietnamese people.

Question 29. Parents should take time to understand their children.

Question 30. She hasn’t visited me for five months.

Question 31. A

Question 32. A

Question 33. C

Question 34. C

Question 35. C

Question 36. B

Question 37. A

Question 38. C

Question 39. B

Question 40. D

Question 41. advantages and disadvantages

Question 42. better to stay

Question 43. have fun

Question 44. what you want

Question 45. lots of

Question 46. different things

Question 47. settle down

Question 48. married or attached

Question 49. very lonely

Question 50. later on

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