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Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Đề số 2 - Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Đề bài


Pick out the word that has the stress different  from that of the other words.

Question 1.

A. reliance                       B. independent

C. generation                   D. understand

Question 2.

A. viewpoint                   B. impose

C. greenhouse               D. conflict      

Circle the word which is pronounced differently from the other three. 

Question 3.

A. thanks                    B. other

C. through                   D. everything

Question 4.

A. carpet                    B. communicate

C. contact                   D. facial


Choose the best answer.

Question 5. It’s usually difficult __________a place to park in the city center.

A. to find                     B. finding.

C. to finding                 D.  find

Question 6. Kate: “How lovely your cats are!”

- David: “ _____”

A. Can you say it again?

B. I love them, too.

C. Thank you, it is nice of you to say so.

D. Really? They are.             

Question 7. Do you think doing the household chores is the__________ of the women only?

A. responsibility             B. responsibly

C. responsible                D. responsive

Question 8. Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her?- I don’t know. She seemed_____ in it, however.

A. interesting              B. interestingly

C. interested               D. interest

Question 9. When my parents got divorced my best friend was very ___  and listened to all my problems.

A. amusing                  B. sympathetic

C. enjoyable                D. likable

Question 10. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

Tina is always understanding, patient, and sensitive when helping her friends to their problems.

A. understanding        B. sensitive

C. helping                   D. to their

Question 11. I’m having so much fun at the party, but I___ go home now to revise the grammar points for my English test tomorrow.

A. ought                      B. would better

C. must                       D. should

Question 12. Were you getting _______ well ____ your schoolmates when you were at Primary school?

A. with/ on                  B. about/ on

C. of/ with                   D. on/ with

Question 13. Helen has promised to watch and care for the baby while we go to the movies.

A. to be in care of         B. to take off

C. to take away             D. to take care of 

Question 14. Lucy:  “__________”

Susan: “Sounds great!”

A. What do you think of this piano?

B. Susan, how about a cup of coffee after work?

C. What a beautiful sound!

D. In my opinion the sound is so perfect.

Question 15. Julius Caesar did not conquer Britain but instead stayed a few weeks, took some hostages, and___

A. before returning  to Boulogne

B. then to Boulogne

C. he returned to Boulogne 

D. returned to Boulogne


Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best fits each space in the following passage.

To many people, their friends are the most important in their life. Really good friends always (16)____joys and sorrows with you and never turn their backs on you. Your best friend may be someone you have known all your life or someone you have grown (17) ___with.

There are all sorts of things that can (18)____about this special relationship. It may be the result of enjoying the same activities and sharing experiences. Most of us have met someone that we have immediately felt relaxed with as if we had known them for ages. However, it really takes you years to get to know someone well (19)___to consider your best friend.

To the majority of us, this is someone we trust completely and (20)___understands us better than anyone else. It's the person you can tell him or her your most intimate secrets.

Question 16.

A. give                             B. have

C. share                           D. spend

Question 17.

A. on                               B. in

C. through                       D. up

Question 18.

A. cause                           B. provide

C. result                           D. bring

Question 19.

A. so                                B. enough

C. such                             D. too

Question 20.

A. whose                           B. which

C. whom                           D. who

Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each question.


     Parents often have dreams for their children’s future. They hope their children will have a better life than they had. They dream that their children will do things that they couldn’t do.

Parents who come to the U.S from foreign countries hope their children will have better education here. They think their children will have more career choices and more successful lives. They make many sacrifices so that their children will have more opportunities. They think their children will remain close to them because of this. Some children understand and appreciate these sacrifices and remain close to their parents. However, other children feel ashamed that their parents are so different from other Americans.

Question 21. Parents often dream of ___

A. their children’s making a lot of money in the future

B. one day living on their children’s money.

C. one day seeing their children become famous people   

D. a bright future for their children.

Question 22. The word career in line 4 is closest in meaning to ___

A. education               B. profession

C. travel                     D. subject

Question 23. Parents who come home from U.S from foreign countries hope that their children_____

A. become successful directors. 

B.  will have a lot of careers.

C. will make a lot of sacrifices.

D. will have more opportunities for good education.

Question 24. Parents think their children will remain close to them because___

A. they give their children a lot of money. 

B. they are living in a foreign country.

C. they know their children will be successful in the future.       

D. of the sacrifices

Question 25. The word close in line 6 is closest in meaning to ___

A. kind                       B. helpful

C. friendly                  D. dear                                   


Listen to the radio interview about high-achieving teenagers and do the exercises below.

Circle the best option to complete these sentences.

Question 26. Many famous and successful teenagers have ... .

A. used new technology

B. worked from an early age

C. been inspired by YouTube videos

Question 27. Justin Bieber started off ... .

A. singing with R&B star Usher

B. sending videos to talent scouts

C. posting videos on YouTube

Question 28. Some people say Justin Bieber is the most influential person in the world because ... .

A. he has had so many number one songs

B. he has so many followers on Twitter

C. he is friends with Barack Obama

Question 29. A negative consequence of fame for Justin Bieber is ... .

A. he has very little privacy

B. people get bored of hearing about him

C. people criticise his appearance

Question 30. Tavi Gevinson started a fashion blog ... .

A. when she was 11 years old

B. when she was in 11th grade

C. in high school in 2011

Question 31. “Rookie” means ... .

A. a beginner

B. a fan

C. someone who is bad at something

Question 32. Style Rookie ... .

A. allowed readers to post pictures of themselves

B. soon had a lot of readers

C. was noticed by Karl Lagerfeld

Question 33. When some people didn't believe her age, Tavi ... .

A. was sad and angry at first

B. decided to attack them in return

C. completely ignored them and continued working

Question 34. Tavi employs ... .

A. only teenagers

B. writers and photographers of all ages

C. a very small group of people

Question 35. Louise thinks

A. it’s difficult for Tavi to have a normal life

B. there’s more pressure when you are a writer

C. there’s more pressure when you are a performer


Rewrite the following sentences, beginning as shown.

Question 36. I am happy that I work for the school library

I am delighted..............................

Question 37. Mr. Nam himself gave me this book yesterday.

It ………………………………

Question 38. I’m always nervous when I travel by air.


Choose one of the stories below. Use the ideas to write an online posting of 100 words.



- parents work late on weekdays and most weekends; alone at home with the housemaid or tutor; feeling lonely



- parents to spend more time with you



- friend confided a secret to you; you failed to keep it secret; told to other people; friend broke up with you; tried to apologise; your apology not accepted; feeling regretful



- friend to forgive you; become friends again


Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 A Question 21 D
Question 2 B Question 22 B
Question 3 B Question 23 D
Question 4 D Question 24 D
Question 5 A Question 25 D
Question 6 C Question 26 A
Question 7 A Question 27 C
Question 8 C Question 28 B
Question 9 B Question 29 A
Question 10 D Question 30 A
Question 11 C  Question 31 A
Question 12 D  Question 32 B
Question 13 D  Question 33 A
Question 14 B  Question 34 B
Question 15 D  Question 35 C
Question 16 C  Question 36  
Question 17 D  Question 37  
Question 18 D  Question 38  
Question 19 B  Question 39  
Question 20 D  Question 40  

Question 36. I am delighted that I work for the school library.

Question 37. It was this book that Mr. Nam himself gave me yesterday.

Question 38. Travelling by air always makes me nervous.

Sample writing:

I am really confused and don’t know what to do now. Just because the other day my best friend, Thao, confided her secret to me in order to ask me for advice, and she asked me to keep it secret. I gave her my advice, but I wasn’t sure it would work. Afterwards, I happened to tell it to one of my classmates with the hope that she had more perfect solution to help Thao. Then this classmate shared it with the others. As a result, Thao’s secret spread. She knew it and broke up with me. I tried to explain and apologise, but she was so angry and refused my apology.

I am now feeling very regretful, and I don’t want our friendship to come to an end this way. We’ve been good friends for years. I really hope that she will forgive me for my mistake and become friends again.


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