Đề số 4 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and choose the correct answer.


Question 1.  Which subject does the speaker like?  

A.  math                      B.  art             

C.   music        D.  English

Question 2.  What does the speaker do to make right colour?  

A.  She mixes paint

B.  She chooses the only light colours.                      

C.  She asks for help              

D.  She compares to the colour pallete.

Question 3.  What does the speaker think about watching pictures of other artists?  

A. time-consuming      B. useless                   

C.  interesting             D. boring

Question 4.   When does the art exhibition take place?  

A.  in March                B.   this month                      

C.  in May next year     D.  in May this year

Question 5.  How many paintings is the speaker working on now?  

A.  one                        B. two

C. three                       D. four

Listen and write ONE word in each blank. 


 Mother: Let’s have dinner.

Son: Yes, Mum. Is there any (6) ___?

Mother: No, there isn’t, but there are some (7) ____ and noodles.

Son: Noodles with (8) _____ or chicken, Mum?

Mother: Chicken.

Son: Oh, I love chicken noodles.

Mother: And we’ll have (9) _____ , tofu and vegetable with rice.

Son: I don’t like vegetable.

Mother: No, you (eat some vegetable. It’s good for your health.

Son: Can I have an (10) ______ instead of vegetable?

Mother: Yes. You can eat it after the meal.

Son: Thanks, Mum. 

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

Question 11.

A. come                 B. money

C. notebook           D. Monday

Question 12.

A. couple               B. though

C. soul                   D. elbow

Question 13.

A. seven                B. vowel

C. very                   D. foot

III. Choose the odd one out.

Question 14.

A. friend               B. parent

C. uncle               D. aunt

Question 15.

A. small                 B. big

C. old                    D. meet

Question 16.

A. school               B. classmate

C. theater              D. market

IV. Choose A, B, C or D that best completes the sentences or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

Question 17. Do volunteers often spend time helping other people in ___________, orphanages or homes for the aged.

A. capitals                        B. markets

C. schools                        D. hospitals

Question 18. we are helping the poor people in the remote areas.

A. faraway                       B. nearby

C. small                           D. difficult

Question 19. During summer vacations, we teach children in ___________ areas how to read and write.

A. mountain                      B. urban

C. mountainous                D. suburb

Question 20. What kind of ___________ work are you participating in?

A. voluntarily                    B. volunteer

C. voluntary                      D. volunteerism

Question 21. People who are not in good health are ___________ people.

A. elderly                        B. homeless

C. rich                             D. sick

Question 22. I was absent ___________ class yesterday.

A. in                                B. of

C. from                            D. at

Question 23. He was delighted ___________ the present you gave him.

A. in                                B. to

C. for                               D. with

Question 24. It is very kind ___________ you to help them.

A. of                               B. in

C. about                          D. to

Question 25. It is difficult ___________ handicapped children to study with other children.

A. to                               B. for

C. on                              D. from

Question 26. I'm very grateful ___________ her for her help.

A. on                              B. of

C. about                         D. to

V. Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D for each of the gaps.


Have you ever wanted to do something different? Five years ago, Will Slade read about (27) ______ organization called Earthwatch. Earthwatch finds volunteers (28) ______ expeditons (29) ______ and explore different parts of the world.

Will decided (30) ______ an expedition to study elephants in Africa. "I wasn't sure about it before I went." say Will. "But in fact, I really enjoyed every minute of the expedition. We slept (31) ______ tents and we cooked our own food, but it was the great (32) ______ elephants and all the other animals there". "I've (33) ______ all the expeditions, and I have seen some fantastic places. How (34) ______ people have slept (35) ______ a beach, climbed a mountain, or see a whale? This world is such a beautiful place, but it's disappearing fast. We have to learn more (36) ______ it if we are going to save it."

Question 27.

A. a                       B. the

C. an                     D. some

Question 28.

A. to                      B. for

C. at                      D. on

Question 29.

A. studying           B. studied

C. study                D. to study

Question 30.

A. to join               B. join

C. joining              D. joined

Question 31.

A. on                     B. in

C. at                      D. under

Question 32.

A. see                    B. saw

C. seeing               D. to see

Question 33.

A. enjoyed            B. enjoy

C. enjoying            D. to enjoy

Question 34.

A. much                B. far

C. many                D. long

Question 35.

A. in                      B. on

C. to                      D. above

Question 36.

A. at                      B. in

C. of                      D. about

VI. Choose the best sentence that can be made from the cues given.

Question 37. I / not / visited / museum / three months.

A. I haven't visited the museum three months ago.

B. I havn't visited the museum for three months.

C. I didn't visited the museum for three months.

D. I haven't visited the museum three months ago.

Question 38. Ms Linda / beautiful photos / few days ago.

A. Ms Linda took many beautiful photos a few days ago.

B. Ms Linda took much beautiful photos a few days ago.

C. Ms Linda took many beautiful photos few days ago.

D. Ms Linda took much beautiful photos few days ago.

Question 39. The students / arrived / because / traffic jam.

A. The students arrived late because the traffic jam.

B. The students arrived late because of the traffic jam.

C. The students arrived lately because the traffic jam.

D. The students arrived lately because of the traffic jam.

Question 40. I / eat / fruits / because / they / green.

A. I can't eat these fruits because of they are green.

B. I can't eat this fruits because of they are green.

C. I can't eat these fruits because they are green.

D. I can't eat this fruits because they are green.

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1.  B

Question 2.  A

Question 3.  C

Question 4.  D

Question 5.   C

Question 6.  bread

Question 7.  rice 

Question 8.  beef 

Question 9.  fish

Question 10.  apple 

Question 11. C Question 26. D
Question 12. A Question 27. C
Question 13. D Question 28. B
Question 14. A Question 29. D
Question 15. D Question 30. A
Question 16. B Question 31. B
Question 17. D Question 32. D
Question 18. A Question 33. A
Question 19. C Question 34. C
Question 20. C Question 35. B
Question 21. D Question 36. D
Question 22. C Question 37. B
Question 23. D Question 38. A
Question 24. A Question 39. B
Question 25. B Question 40. C

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